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        Andaluzia , The Complex Hotel - Restaurant there is situated on the right road Bucharest - Giurgiu , km 59+420.
It is the perfect place where you can spend fantastic moments and you can rest when you are in the south of the country .
        Giurgiu is a capital-city and it is the biggest town of Giurgiu , Muntenia zone , Romania.
It is an important fluvial harbour at the frontier with Bulgaria.
It is situated in the extreme south side of Romania , on the left bank of the Danube , 65 km far away of Bucharest , the capital of Romania , facing the Bulgarian city of Rousse on the opposite bank ( Pyce ).

        Touristic places you can visit :

- The Clock Tower ( in the middle of the town )
- The Bizetz Bridge ( the first curve bridge in Europe )
- The Alei Park
- Mihai Viteazul Park
- The Ramadan Harbour
- The Ruineof Giurgiu fortress
- The Station Street ( has got numerous ancient buildings )
- Theatre Valah
- Nicolae Balanescu Atheneum
- The Cathedral
- The Virgin Mother Hermitage
- Barbu Belu Hermitage
- The Comana Monastery
- The Delta Neajlovului Monastery
- St. John the Russian Hermitage
- St. Nicolas Hermitage
- St. Gheorghe Monastery

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